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Union Tee to Offer Unique Indoor Golf Experience - Golf Guide 2024

Olean’s new public golf simulation space to open in mid-May

Olean -- Bob Forness and his buddies would inevitably circle back to the same conversation.

They’d finish a round of golf in early autumn, when the weather begins to turn and the realization sets in that, in Western New York, the window for this sport is beginning to close shut. And, without fail, one of them would reiterate their long-held belief:

“Somebody needs to open (an indoor golf) simulator.”

The indoor virtual golf experience has been exploding in popularity over the last half-decade. The Buffalo area is dotted with such operations. The Olean YMCA has offered a multi-modal Sim Zone Golf Simulator for the last three years. One local even built one in an out-building on his farm, Allegany Garage Golf, which is located on Smith Hollow Road and available to the public. But there was no such set-up in a public Olean space that was available yearround and centered entirely on the golf outing experience.

Enter Union Tee Golf.

If the name alone sounds familiar, it should. Union Tee resides in the same building as the former Union Tea Cafe, near the corner of North Union and West Sullivan streets. It’s the brainchild of Forness and five other partners, who cleverly changed just the one letter to reflect the current business and who, after years of discussion, have managed to make their vision a reality.



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