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  • How do you book a tee time at Union Tee Golf?
    You can book online: CLICK HERE
  • Are rates based per bay or per person?
    The hourly rate is per Bay! You can have up to 4 people in a bay at one time and can split the cost between the number of golfers playing. All tee times are pre-paid online.
  • How long does a round typically take?
    We recommend 30 minutes per person for 9 holes, One hour per person for 18. So if you have a foursome you could play 9 holes in two hours, 18 holes in 4 hours. Union Tee Golf plans to have 1 hour, 2 hour and 4 hour booking options.
  • What is considered appropriate attire?
    We are friendly to all types of attire! Golf attire and athletic wear are both welcomed including jeans.
  • Should I wear golf shoes?
    Golf shoes are acceptable but not necessary.
  • Do I bring my own golf clubs?
    You are welcome to bring your own clubs. We also plan to have rental clubs available for those of you that may not own your own clubs.
  • Can I come to just hit balls?
    Yes, there is a practice range mode on the simulators, but you will still have to book a tee time.
  • How many courses, and what courses are available to play?
    Union Tee Golf Simulators are loaded with 41 different courses and two different driving range options, including Pebble Beach, St. Andrews and several other famous courses. For a course list, please click here
  • What type of simulators does Union Tee Golf utilize?
    Union Tee Golf has two simulator bays that have the latest technology offered by Foresight Sports, the Foresight Falcon, introduced in January 2024. To learn more about these simulators, please click here.
  • Do you provide food?
    Yes, there is a limited menu of pre-packaged light fare available. If you would like to order something to be delivered that is OK too!
  • What type of refreshments will you be serving?
    Upon opening of Union Tee Golf, soft drinks (soda, water, etc) will be available. Union Tee Golf is working on obtaining a Beer/Wine license from New York State, and thus will offer beer and wine once the license is secured.
  • Is BYOB (Bring Your own Beer) allowed?
    No, as this could jeopardize the licensing process with New York State.
  • Where do I put my clubs?
    There are club racks at each bay, courtesy of Parker Bray of Raise the Bar Woodworks
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